Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Left Takes Impotent Post Walker Rage Out On...Sarah Palin Of Course

UPDATE 1:Leftist Site dedicates 14 paragraphs to dissecting every nuance of Palin's Comments on Greta's Show and comment section foams at the mouth AT THIS LINK

UPDATE 2. And yet another site attacks "tea Party Talking head Sarah Palin over Wisconsin AT THIS LINK
Now that the "progressive" Walker recall plans and schemes have blown up in their faces, with sage voices like Governor Rendell and even un-sage voices like Barney Frank advising it was "not a good idea" the left is thrashing about in impotent fury at all and sundry.

Far left "Crooks and Liars" lib's are back on their Obama bashing melody-apparently he is a big sell out to the arch conservative financial interests,

As would be expected the Daily Kos 'Kossite" kids are flailing away at the Koch conspirators, and each other of course, and advise Obama threw away the 2008 advantage he was given to bring in the progressive nirvana, through subservient cowardice-or something.

Dan Riehl has a hilarious rant from one Kos lib who somehow sees the Walker victory as denying him the right to marry someone of his choice-or something. It is actually hard to discern what the writer is on about his rage is so vehement, but it is really funny and worth a read 

On the serious side the "new civility' left is threatening to kill Governor Walker (following on from incitement to kill Palin) and thankfully the authorities are investigating.

Their quarry having escaped the left is now turning to their number one hate figure, Sarah Palin of course, to vent their spleen. There is a strange dichotomy in that on the one hand she appears to be worthy of such incredible hatred, and on the other hand they dismiss her as irrelevant. 

But logic is not a strong point for the radical left, whose core of hatred is being exposed more and more with each defeat.
"Crooks and Liars" has a post up which includes in the title "Palin Calls Union Leaders Thugs." Pure red meat for the frothing and gibbering left, and they respond accordingly with plenty of cursing as would be expected

Not to be left out the leftist MSM Los Angeles Times also headlines 'Palin and Union Thugs' AT THIS LINK
and has the nerve to advise, whilst throwing out the red meat to their readers who respond of course, that Palin is throwing out red meat to her supporters.

What the left doesn't understand is that the right is way beyond caring a jot what they think and actually enjoys the sight of the spittle flying from their mouths-we revel in their hatred.

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