Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wonkette Under New F-You Spouting "Polish Hating Jew" Has Views/Comments Fail

The comments on recent Wonkette posts are running into the pathetic  50-60's as the amount of anti-Romney posts seems to increase at a feverish pace to try and drum up equally feverish "snark" from the various layabouts that infest the site. 

It couldn't happen to an "un-nicer" (she complains of my punctuation so I tossed that one in to give her another really really important point to consider) person in the form of the new owner/editor. 

The disgusting, execrable leftist hate site "Wonkette" of "Trig is a retard" infamy was recently purchased (why?) and has had the site revamped. It looks sterile, as if it mattered what the face of hell looked like btw, but what do I know having been on the executive of a magazine for four years.

The other innovation was for the new editor to bring a new low to "journalism" by bringing her ethnic background, hate of Poland, and swearing all in one sentence. AT THIS LINK
"The Poles believe this is a terrible slur against Poland. Your Wonkette thinks it takes considerable chutzpah and/or balls to be more offended that Treblinka was called “Polish” than that it existed. Your Editrix, as a Polish-Russian Jew, thinks Poland can go fuck itself."

The volume of posts appears to have increased not only with the Romney hit pieces but by finding more and more lower level Republican elected officials who have had some sort of fling along the lines of " Republican County Clerk has affair with cat" or something. 

It is obvious that the Romney candidacy is the worse thing that could have happened for these Maher-istic hate sites. Romney being so straight laced and scandal free, the golden days of Palin and Bush hate are well and truly over for the site owners and their frothing and gibbering aficionados.

Whatever the previous owner of Wonkette was, alleged human being included in his title, he appeared to have had some degree of business sense as getting when the getting out was good seems to have been accomplished. Whatever happens, four more years of an Obama administration or four of a Romney one leaves little room for the rabid left and the social porn merchants to sow and reap.

One of the prices paid for the Bush years was the proliferation of leftist hate sites like Wonkette/Kos/Jezebel etc. Hopefully four boring years of Obama or Romney will see that pestilence finally purged and a genuine "new civility' restored.

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