Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Leftists Reporter; "Giffords' Successor wins F**K You Palin & Stop Wearing Giffords' Glasses Playing Victim"

" And fuck you to Citizens United, Jesse Kelly, Sarah Palin, and the US Supreme Court."

Yes the left certainly has heeded President Obama's call for the "new civility" hasn't it?

Although there is not a scintilla of any connection between the cleary psychotic Loughner who shot Gabby Giffords and others in a terrible tragedy and Sarah Palin, the left still makes a connection between Giffords and Palin.

Here we have a site "Sarah Palin Has A Serpents Heart"  
AT THIS LINK (I know it is mad and bizarre) dedicated to "educating the public on the dangers of Sarah Palin" that has, once again, and horribly, made a connection. 

In the election to fill Giffords' vacated congressional seat the Democrat won tonight-congratulations to him. Why this is seen as a signal for the left to send a curse laden scream to Palin (and others-including the Supreme Court!) is beyond imagining for anyone with a normal mind. 

However the writer goes further, and in a case of nearly unmatched Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) has determined that Palin has adopted spectacles similar to not only Rachel Maddow (whom she is apparently  not worthy of kissing her hem) but Giffords herself.

Why is Palin wearing Giffords style glasses? Apparently it is so Palin can, somehow, "play the victim". This sort of site does serve a purpose, it brings to light the terrible cancer of hatred that lies in the heart of so many unfortunates on the left. 

Fortunately it appears that their day is just about done as far as having any influence on the wider public as the 2010 elections, and Wisconsin have shown (one local congressional election having little or no bearing on the march of change of course).

Here is an extract to show I am not making this up

And looky here, here is Sarah in her glasses. Guess she doesn't want to look like Rachel Maddow but Gabby so she can play victim.

Sarah quit wearing those fucking glasses.  Gabby has to wear hers because she was shot in the head.  You wear them just to play victim. 

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