Friday, June 1, 2012

The Most Stunningly Beautiful Photo Of Sarah Palin Ever Seen

This isn't a Sarah Palin fan site and most certainly I don't support Sarah Palin because of her appearance. As I set out at length I support "Sarah Palin", or rather "Palinism" as defined AT THIS LINK

That said there are many people who not only support Palin for her political and moral views but,as a pleasant bonus are delighted in her appearance. There  is of course absolutely nothing wrong with that,except of course to the haters and PDS afflicted who believe Palin only has a following amongst middle aged men because of her looks-which is preposterous.

Since there is no logic in hate these same denizens of "Immoral Minority and such like hate suites also say Palin is "ageing horribly, is bald, a crone, wears filthy wigs (sic) and etc. I think the Photos sort of makes that a difficult position to hold, but try arguing with an idiot. The one thing we never see from these poor folks,of course, their photo so we can judge just how beautiful they are in comparison.
But, that's not the point . The point is that sometimes the adage "beautiful inside and beautiful outside" has validity and here is an example. 

Diana Prichard at IVillage credits Peter Kramer of NBC for the photo

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