Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Current Polling/Map Shows Obama Stroll In Park Re-Election

The always excellent, even though leftist, election analyst  at Electoral-Vote. com 
has the map below up today. He bases his state by state review on day to day polling and has a very good record-I believe he only missed out in his final predictions in 2004.

What this map shows is that on current polling President Obama doesn't need Florida/Ohio/North Carolina/Iowa from the battleground states. He could win even with the loss of Colorado's 9 Electoral College votes.

As I have posted  on a number of occasions Virginia is the key state for Obama. If he wins it he has a straightforward path to EC victory, without it he may be in trouble, but current polling looks good for him there.

There is of course a lot of water to flow under the bridge before November especially with the world in such economic instability but on current polling Obama looks like an easy winner.

OBAMA 279 Romney 230 Tied (Florida) 29

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