Friday, June 15, 2012

Fed Up With Four Years Of Recession Coupled With Current/Prospective Uninspiring Leadership

Greece/Spain/Iraq/Syria/Libya/Egyptian elections/Unemployment/Share market insanity/Media distortion/Financial market corruption and on and on and on and on.

I have never seen the world in this state in my lifetime and have never seen such a sour mood amongst ordinary folks. 

Certainly the Vietnam era, the destruction of trust in Washington ushered in by Watergate the cold war/threat of nuclear annihilation were times of challenge and change and sometimes despair, but there is a difference between those times and these.

During those previous times of challenge and dislocation the economy was, for the most part, stable. Ordinary people could invest with confidence and savers could get a return which would supplement their incomes. Of course there were market busts-1987 for example, but within a reasonable time the growth in the economy, housing and shares resumed.

This time we have had four years of recession on top of the usual 'wars and rumors of wars'. We are experiencing the debasing of the currency and effectively outright thievery as, due to interest rates of 0.25% savers are punished for saving. With interest lower than inflation the Fed's policy of trying (and  failing) to stimulate the economy via cheap borrowing costs is bringing a massive transfer of wealth from savers.

It is wrong of course to try and minimize the effects of death and destruction by an appeal to financial security of the masses. But it is only human nature for people to be weighed down by the double burden of the world around them going to pieces whilst their own financial situation is sliding down the same hole. 

On top of which, for some, there has been an upending of societal norms and values to accommodate the opinions and lifestyle of the ultra-left.

This is one reason why I strongly support Sarah Palin. In these difficult times she keeps a positive, sunny and uplifting attitude-can one say that about Romney or Obama? It might well be that the Palin prescription of conservative austerity might bring its own challenges, but I believe that she, like Reagan, would help guide people through the stormy economic seas. 

President Obama, for all the hopes placed on him for exactly that concept has failed. I can't imagine that Romney would be any better, no matter what sort of economic maestro he might be. You have to carry the people with you, most especially during times like these and Palin could do that.

It is with that hopeful thought in mind that I carry on doing my little bit to show that there is an alternative to the establishment that has so sorely failed.

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