Thursday, June 28, 2012

Imbecile Childish SCOTUS Comments At Leftist Hate Site "Daily Kos"

That the leftist hate site "daily Kos" is a repository for utter childish buffoons is a given. Why the site has any credence or standing is a mystery but as long as there are people with an immature outlook there will be some sort of venue for them to froth and gibber I imagine.

The site  is notable amongst such hate sites for the astonishingly childish and hateful tweet by the sites  founder one Kos Moulitsas after the Gifford's shooting "Mission accomplished Sarah Palin" and his acolytes inventing the disgusting myth that rig was not Palin's son.

In case anyone believe the site has any pretence to having any educational value the post , reproduced in part below, in respect of the SCOTUS ruling, which, whichever stance you take one must agree it is an issue of import and substance an is to be discussed rationally.

Here is the best the best minds at "Kos" can come up with after the landmark SCOTUS health care decision. It is only a small part of a cascade of childish imagery and buffoonery which is only matched by the further comments from the denizens of the site. I am not going to link to it as they don't deserve any traffic, but it is of value to see how the  hate filled minds of the leftists works.

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