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Newspaper Chides Left For "Political Ploy" Over "Civility" And Linking Palin To Giffords' Tragedy

Here is an editorial from the 
New Hampshire Eagle-Tribune which basically calls of out the left for its utter hypocrisy over the "new civility" nonsense they ran with after the Gifford's tragedy, a "political ploy" they rightly call it.

They also castigate the left for the vicious attack on Governor Palin as they tried to link Palin, ridiculously to Loughner the mad assassin. The infamous Kos Moulistas tweet (Daily Kos radical leftist site) "Mission accomplished Sarah Palin" after Gifford's was shot being the most disgusting example. I reproduce the original
Kos" article which reproduces the infamy.

June 17, 2012

Editorial: Civility in politics must apply to all

The producers of a popular television swords and sorcery mini-series took pleasure in pointing out that one of the severed heads of traitors depicted in the film was a model of former President George W. Bush.
Television talk host Joy Behar doesn't approve of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's limited government philosophy. So she told an interviewer she'd like to see "one of his million houses burning down. Who is he going to call, the Mormon fire patrol?"
It seems all the calls for a "new civility" in politics only apply to commentary directed at Democrats and like-minded liberals. But it's still open season on Republicans and conservatives.
Don't like President Bush or Republicans in general? Feel free to march down the street carrying signs depicting Bush as Hitler and calling for his murder. Then have your Hollywood producer friends stick a replica of the president's head on a pike for their film. What fun!
Think Mitt Romney is too rich, even though his net worth is in the same nine-figure ballpark as one-time failed Democratic presidential contender John Kerry's? Then it's fine to suggest that one of his "million houses" burn down. Toss in a crack about the "Mormon fire patrol" for bonus religious bigotry points.
The Democrats' call for a return to civility was never serious. It was a political ploy, a cheap attempt to gain advantage from the despicable shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and others at a Tucson shopping plaza in January 2011.
The left was quick to blame former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin for the shooting due to a map she had produced placing targeting crosshairs over the districts of lawmakers — including Giffords — she hoped to see unseated in midterm elections. Some on the left quickly jumped to the conclusion that the Palin map, as well as the "heated rhetoric" of right-wing commentators and the Tea Party movement, must have motivated the shooter.
It turned out that the shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, was a mentally ill person who had been terrorizing fellow students at his community college with his irrational raving.
Regardless of the truth about Loughner, Democrats soon began to call for a new civility in the nation's politics — a call they ignored from the outset.
While the Democrats' motives were suspect, they were essentially correct. We do need to return to civility in our politics. But all must agree to adopt a more civil tone.
There is nothing wrong with being critical of a president's policies, whether that president is George W. Bush or Barack Obama. That criticism and political discussion is healthy and should be encouraged. But to depict a president as Hitler or to display his head on a pike, or to accuse Obama of being a secret Muslim carrying out some nefarious plot — that is merely disrespectful and wrong.
There will always be nuts on the fringes of America politics, left and right. And no amount of reasoning will dissuade them from their lunacy. But when the disrespect becomes mainstream, then we have a serious problem.
Surely Americans of good will can disagree about politics, without, frankly, being jerks about it

One year ago marked the absolute height, or absolute nadir rather, of "progressive' hate think when Markos Moulitsas the founder of the radical leftist website "Daily Kos"  used the tragic shooting of Gabby Giffords, colleagues, and rally attendees, to advance his leftist program.

Without knowing who did it, or why Gifford's was shot, Moulitsas tweeted "Mission accomplished Sarah Palin". As it turned out the shooter was a criminally insane man who had no connection to or motivation by or from Palin, or in fact any connection with conservatism in thought or persons-in fact there was evidence he was a leftist.

That didn't matter to the left  who saw an opportunity to attack Palin using the disgusting methods of guilt by association. That Palin;'s team had created a map targeting a number of Democratic party congress people, which included Gifford's district, was somehow "proof'" that Palin was connected with the shooter. 

The fact that the Dem's had used a similar campaign method  previously did not matter-they were after Palin who they saw as a threat to all their radical beliefs.

Palin subsequently, and quite rightly, labelled the left's disgusting cynicism a blood libel which indeed it was. This of course only enraged the left further as their foul Alinsky methods were exposed and they, bizarrely, accused Palin, who is staunchly pro-Israel, of anti-Semitism of all things.

But logic and truth don't enter into the frame of things where the left sees an opportunity to slander and destroy. "Kos's" tweet should never be forgotten as classic example of what the left is capable of. Their pursuit of power at all costs, even the destruction of individuals is their goal and any method of achieving it is fair, or rather foul, game.

Mission accomplished Markos Moulitsas 

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