Friday, June 29, 2012

Whose In Charge? Palin's Obamacare Ruling Tweet 6,025 Retweets Romney 's 4,529 Retweets

Just who is running the GOP's campaign at the moment? Is it the putative candidate Mitt Romney whose Massachusetts health care bill is an acknowledged precursor to Obama care? 

Or is it Sarah Palin the rank and file look to for advice and taking the battle to the opposition with credibility?

Palin has been on Greta/The 5/Hannnity since the ruling and numerous comment sites/media outlets have analysed her thoughts on the matter-Romney not so much

Here's what the Twitterverse thinks (via Michael at Cool Change and Exodus2011 at Conservatives4Palin)

exodus2011 20 minutes ago
@SarahPalinUSA 's Obamacare ruling tweet
807 Favorites .
@MittRomney 's tweet
677 Favorites.
Palin landslide

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