Friday, June 8, 2012

ET "Moore Assured Of Emmy For Palin Portrayal"; Of Course,Hollywood Wouldn't Miss Another Palin Bashing Opportunity.

Entertainment Tonight AT THIS LINK has a glowing puff piece up on the entire cast of the Palin hatchet job "Game Change' with particular emphasis on Julianne Moore's chances of an Emmy. I completely agree that her win is "assured" as why would the leftist crew who produced this hatchet job miss another chance to stick the knife in to the female Emmanuel Goldstein they and the media have created.

Continuing on with their fantasy Palin they  now have Nicole Wallace as Palin's "Punching bag" which suits the make believe world of Hollywood. 

What we have never seen are the financial reports on this turkey of a production. How much did it cost to make and how much did it garner? If it had made a profit no doubt the left would have shouted it from the rooftops. 

The only good thing about this Hollywood scare flick is that the groans from the financial backers that must have ensued when Palin announced she would not run in 2012 must have been enormous. 

They thought they would finish her campaign off with this fable whilst protecting Obama but all that has happened is that the public have seen the relentless attacks for what they whilst Palin continues to grow in popularity the poll AT THIS LINK  shows.

Here is a taste of the hagiography for the game Change cast-if you like that sort of thing you can read the rest that link above.

Emmy Hopeful: Sarah Paulson - 'Game Change'

June 08, 2012
"Julianne Moore's Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie Emmy nomination for playing Sarah Palin in Game Change is not only assured, but her win is basically a given. The same goes for Woody Harrelson's tour-de-force performance as campaign manager Steve Schmidt. But the miniseries/movie category would be severely lacking without the inclusion of Sarah Paulson in the Supporting Actress category since her subtle, yet powerful, portrayal of Nicolle Wallace gives the audience someone to align with.
As the campaign's communications chief, it's Wallace who first identities Palin's shortcomings, becoming the Governor's confidant and punching bag" 

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