Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sarah Palin's 902 "Power Relationships" Uncovered By Investigative Firm."Higher Than 99% Of Power People"

A website (Muckety) which specialises in uncovering the "power relationships" of high profile people across politics and industry, has done an in-depth analysis of the connections between Sarah Palin and other people of influence.

They make the remarkable discovery that Palin has, in their analysis, 902 such power inter-actions. They have created a wheel chart (illustrated below) of some they consider of particular significance. Palin has, according to their discovery, a "influence index" number of 96 out of 100 which appears to be a massive power/influence situation. Her "connections" level is "higher than 99% of all entries"

At the very least the massive extent of Palin's reach of influence puts the lie to the current leftist meme that she is somehow "irrelevant" (tell that to Cruz/Mourdock/Fischer).

The full analysis, and similar ones of other people of note are available 
AT THIS LINK-fascinating and revealing.

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