Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Left Reaches Pig Sty Low; "Jezebel" Calls For A Trig Palin TV Show "Guinea Trig"

Here is who the left hates and ridicules-how could anyone see this woman and her innocent child as such a threat is beyond my imagining.

When you think that the left can't descend any lower into the Stygian pit, they actually managed to descend to the bottom of Hell itself. Amongst their worst examples they produced Kos Moulitsas  (Daily Kos 
AT THIS LINK) infamous tweet after the Gabby Giffords tragedy; "Mission accomplished Sarah Palin." 

Then the execrable leftist hate site 'Wonkette" ran an article on Sarah Palin's challenged son Trig which had the comment that he was a "retard being waved around like a flag" after they ran a previous article which called him that terrible name that resulted in them losing their advertisers.

There has been a four year long leftist madness characterized as "PDS" (Palin Derangement Syndrome) against Sarah Palin and her family which has gone beyond all bounds of reason. Even with Palin not being a candidate for anything, even with her characterized by the left as "irrelevant" not only can they not let go of the Maher-istic foul mouthed attacks against her, they still bring her defenceless innocent child into their hate and rage.

The disgusting leftist site "Jezebel" AT THIS LINK which has a mass circulation on the internet, has run a vicious hit piece on the Palin family and their endeavours on television. 

Nobody denies the left free speech and vigorous opposition to what they see as wrong policy, or even vigorous challenges to what they see as a personality they don't like. But there is no excuse for once again bringing Palin's son into it in such a despairing manner.

the only thing that can possibly be said in any sort of positive reaction to their article is that at least they didn't say that Trig is not Palin's son like these low, strange people 
AT THIS LINK who not only hold to that bizarre view, but believe there are multiple Trigs used as props!

Here is an except from the alleged humans and their Jezebel post today, and their consideration that it would be amusing to have a show featuring Trig Palin called "Guinea Trig." The left keeps digging itself into the dirt by these sort of actions and there will be a day of reckoning.

"A show starring Trig might be more tricky, as Trig has Down Syndrome and probably should be given special one-on-one care by his parents or specialists rather than being paraded around on TV like a pro-life trophy. But, on the other hand, it's been a long time since America had experienced the joy of watching a TV show where the baby and toddler characters were given sassy inner monologues voiced by famous actors. Send him to New Zealand, call the showGuinea Trig, and you've got solid gold on your hands.

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