Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shock Scoop Of the Decade; Anti-Palin Site Has Photo Proof Of Two Trig's

Here is the Sarah Palin has A Serpents Heart Palin derangement syndrome site (if it is still up with their "scoop) with their follow up to their previous scoop. They recently advised that Palin was first copying Rachel Maddow in her choice of eyewear and now Gabby Giffords, the latter case to somehow evoke a "victim mentality."

Yes it is utterly bonkers and I am not making it up-if you get as much enjoyment out of looking at the Bedlam inmates as I do, the site is available AT THIS LINK. Actually it is better than Bedlam as the toff's had to pay for their viewing enjoyment, but you can laugh for free.

Could they outdo themselves why yes, yes they can. The inmates actually believe that not only is Trig not Palin's son but there are a number of "Trig's" which Palin apparently switches between, for whatever her nefarious requirements du jour are. Loopies actually ran a series of photo studies of Trig's ears as apparently proof that, like King James 2nd, there was a substitute in the bedchamber-or something.

But The Serpent's site has finally uncovered the scoop of the decade. They have a series of photo's which show Trig1 and then, a short time after, Trig 2. Trig 2 is older than Trig 1 so Sarah has been caught out it seems. Sadly for even the tin foil brigade this is a bridge too far into fairyland. As one of the dissapointed commentators advises, Trig 2 is indeed someone else's child, but Palin is obviously handing it back to its rightful owner.

They are concerned that this "scoop" might damage their credibility, believing still in the original Trig is not Palin's son conspiracy.They shouldn't be concerned, as if someone or something has zero credibility to begin with it can't be damaged further. It can of course be laughed at, and these poor folks pitied. I note in passing that I am now the subject of their ire-as if anything such mad people could say would concern me in the least. What would concern me would be if any of these blog operators actually showed a picture of themselves.

If they have taken their ludicrous story down, well-never fear, here is the gist of it.
Trig nine days later October 24, 2008

I know babies grow at a fairly rapid pace the first year of their life but the 10/15/08 Trig looks like he is 3-4 months old and the 10/24/08 Trig looks like he is 6 months minimum, which would be right as he was allegedly born in April 2008.

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