Thursday, June 7, 2012

Palin Breaks Through 52% Support Level In Latest Poll

On the heels of major polling firm PPP Polling finding that Sarah Palin is more popular, by far, than any of the declared GOP candidates in the recent primary campaign, with a 68% approval rating 
AT THIS LINK and a net positive rating of +48, now a poll (Graphs at bottom of this page) at Election 
AT THIS LINK has her approval also at a significant level. 

The media (Al Sharpton recently) are still using a poll from ages ago which had Palin with high negatives whilst ignoring this poll

The EM poll gives Palin a 52.03% approval rating. This is her third rating above 50% in this poll since early 2009 and shows the long struggle against media distortion she has had to undertake, so the slow and steady rise continues. 

Undertake the long struggle she has done indeed, and her tenacity seems to finally be paying, off as voters now are seeing her in a substantially positive light again.

It seems no coincidence that Palin has moved into such positive territory in three polls following the leftist hatchet job, (and box office flop) "Game Change". 

The attacks from that disaster seem to have been the last straw with the public. This especially so amongst Republicans, who can now clearly see that so much of the media generated negativity around Palin over the last four years has been a massive wall of hate and bias and unrelated to the positive characteristics of the real Palin.

Yes certainly, the Election Meter poll is an on line poll and can be discounted to a degree because of that. However, when Palin was at her absolute nadir in this poll in 2010 at 19.2% her enemies would have seized on it as being representative of a general feeling. 

There is some degree of validity to that view, although it is distorted and extreme, but on the other hand the steady, seemingly inexorable rise since then must also reflect a wider reality-which will of course be ignored by her enemies.

Here are the graphs which, because of the time frame and substantial changes over time-surely the absolute polling height of 72% in 2008 was also a reflection of reality at that time-must be valid in the wider context they support;

That the leftist media negativity bore little resemblance to reality has also been shown, firstly in the utter blind hatred they attack her with AT THIS LINK and of course, on the other hand the huge power Palin has recently shown in having her endorsed candidates do so well against all the odds.

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