Friday, June 8, 2012

"Progressive" (sic) Post Walker Attacks On...Palin Continue;Comment Complains Of "Illeteracy"

At the link;  I published details of the remarkable lashing out on, of all people, Sarah Palin by the "progressive" left after Gov. Walker's victory. 

Even the left can't argue with the huge size of his victory, so in their hate and frustration they are taking it out on Palin, the favorite Emmanuel Goldstein of the left.

Even with days having gone by they can't let it go and the attacks continue. 
At the link;   Here is a site   called "Addicting Info" with this banner headline complete with a video for their readers to spew spittle at. 

Sarah Palin Explains Why Wisconsin Should Be Happy With Less Rights, Services (VIDEO)

To show the level of intelligence at these sites here is one readers comment about "illeteracy"

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