Friday, June 15, 2012

Doug Mataconis Exhibits Continuing Palin Derangement PDS

I rarely say I detest anyone-the morons on the Trig Truther left are rather people to pity-but Doug Mataconis of Outside the Beltway is an exception.

Here is an educated person descending into utter childishness in his constant attacks on Sarah Palin."When Palin goes to India she might meet Sitting Bull" is an example of his oh so very very clever "wit"

Mataconis was at CPAC and infamously tweeted that he would be in the bar instead of listening to her. The fact that the event was sold out and they had to put in extra seating arrangements for the overflow crowd in another room escaped him.

Again, tonight after Palin's exciting and challenging address at the Right Online conference, Mataconis comes up with the pathetic tweet illustrated below. If he genuinely believes that nobody cares what she has to say after the results in Indiana, Nebraska and Texas he is living in some fantasy world and might need to seek advice.

Palin made the point tonight that we on the right should "watch each others backs" Mataconis is in effect assisting  the left by his attacks on Palin.

Here is the previous post on Mataconis

On the other side of the political spectrum is one Doug Mataconis who writes at Outside The Beltway. I can't fathom why an apparently intelligent person could stoop to such childishness as he exhibits when it comes to Sarah Palin. 

I could understand someone having a policy disagreement with her and expressing strong or even vehement opposition, but to turn ones back on someone, literally, and boast about it is an impenetrable mystery which only PDS can be a rational explanation for.

When it was announced that Palin was to address CPAC, Mataconis actually wrote that he would be in the bar and wouldn't listen to her. The fact that the room was overflowing and they had to set up special facilities to handle the crowd, the fact that her speech galvanized the attendees and was widely praised throughout all aspects of the media escaped him.

He  then wrote that he was glad he won't be attending the conservative bloggers conference because she was the main speaker. For goodness sake, Palin is not a candidate, she can't affect Mataconis's chosen candidate why would any rational person carry on in such a manner? 

PDS will eventually be the subject of learned doctrinal presentations as its irrationality and effect on seemingly normal people is not only ridiculous,  and sad, but a detriment to honest debate. 

Perhaps people should simply grow up. Like Moulitsas, Mataconis too is sullying any reputation he may have had by  joining the likes of Andrew Sullivan in the weird PDS world.

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