Saturday, June 9, 2012

Idiot Leftist"All Voices" Columnists Attacks Concept of "George" McCain/Palin Presidency.

I wrote that Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) has sadly affected commentators with some degree (unwarranted in theses cases) of public standing such as Kos Moulitsas and Greg Mataconis. 

The point being that any valid concepts or commentary the left as represented by such luminaries might have is rendered valueless because of their Palin associated baggage-Andrew Sullivan being the worst example.

Here is a novice analyst at All Voices one Veronica Roberts  who has written that a McCain/Palin presidency would have been a 'descent into purgatory. She then gives her leftist shopping list why that would have been so in her opinion.

Firstly there has been, and there is no provision in the constitution for, a joint presidency as her headline envisages, and secondly, she is so PDS afflicted that she invents a new running mate for Palin a "George" McCain.

This is no place to deal with her silly presentation and sad attempt at sophomoric humor-in fact no place is, as it is not worth any ones time. 

Rather the point is that people like Roberts ascribe to Palin a level of intelligence which has only one bearing in reality-it is an actual reflection back on them of their hate and lack of intellectual vigor which that hate has created.

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