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Palin Endorsed Her Next Winners Walker/Kleefisch In Wisconsin Whilst Romney/Obama M.I.A.

Mourdock in Indiana, Fischer in Nebraska, Cruz (Part1) In Texas and now Governor Walker and Lt.Governor Kllfisch in Wisconsin. All endorsed by Sarah Palin. All three prior to Wisconsin were winners in different ways whether come from behind, or against all the odds, or didn't stand a chance when they started. 

All three showed the courage of conviction by Palin who put conviction above self-interest. Certainly, if the long-shots had all lost, the leftist media would have totally written her off as irrelevant whereas now they sudden discover "the power of Palin".

As Goes Wisconsin, so Goes America; Support Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch

by Sarah Palin on Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 10:54am ·
" I join millions of Americans watching the political shenanigans in Wisconsin. I am torn between just chuckling at these radical liberal yahoos trying to oust an intelligent administration that is fulfilling its promises, or raising a fist in disgust at people sitting on their thumbs while Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch get thrown to the wolves.
 Wisconsin, you deserve better than this! You don’t have to let those millions of outside dollars flooding your state destroy the records and reputations of your Governor and Lt. Governor, nor should the political dollars dictate your state’s destiny. You have a choice: Retreat, or fight for the positive reform you elected in 2010.
 Governor Walker has left the far Left unhinged, so he’s had to amass a war chest to fend off the lies and dirty dealings in the capitol; and, thankfully, it’s predicted he’ll survive his recall.
 But the recall fight that is just as important is Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch’s. 
 She’s being thrown beyond the wolf pack – she’s also under the GOP establishment’s bus because this Tea Party “Mama Grizzly” beat the establishment candidate when she got elected. (And dang, it’s uncomfortable under that chassis!) Rebecca must be thinking, “With friends like these, who needs enemies?” Worse than seeing radical Leftists attack and make things up about a Conservative female opponent is when supporters on the Right sit on their thumbs and act as if there’s nothing they can do to help. Come on! When all else fails you can at least tell the truth! Tell other voters why you supported Rebecca in the first place. Explain her campaign promises and how she has stuck to them and – surprising in today’s political world – is actually fulfilling them. She promised to help balance the budget, cut taxes, build a sound fiscal environment, and provide job opportunities for all Wisconsin residents – not only our union brothers and sisters. She’s setting an example for every other state in the union because responsible state and local governments will be the entities that defend our Republic at a time when there is less and less reason to believe our big centralized federal government will address its self-perpetuated economic problems.
 The far Left has targeted Lt. Governor Kleefisch in particular because they know she’s been busy working and hasn’t raised anywhere near the money Governor Walker has to weather his recall. And get this: they are hoping to keep her off the same ballot as Governor Walker, and instead they would love to put her on a ballot during a Democratic primary in order to give her the worst voter turn out possible. It’s vicious. She’s in the fight of her political life for doing nothing more than what she and Governor Walker were elected to do. If Wisconsin sees either of these two go down in defeat, it will have a chilling effect on any public servant having the guts to do what’s right.
 Sarah Palin"

There is a list of the winners that Palin endorsed AT THIS LINK

For Governor Walker there is no doubt that there were many factors to his victory, not least being his courageous fighting qualities. But Palin's contribution stood out in one way. She had the guts and gumption to actually go to Wisconsin, to brave the leftists and the media and to give him a ringing endorsement.

Noteworthy too was the fact that there was no sign of Mitt Romney at the end, who will now of course reap the benefits of others hard work. Nor for that matter did President Obama have the courage to show up for his man. Not only that President Obama said he would join the  picket lines to help the unions-and didn't. Contrast his no show with Palin's bravery.

"As Mitt Romney sweeps Tuesday's primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington, D.C., we go to Madison to speak with The Nation's John Nichols. He notes Romney has steered further toward the right wing as his campaign progresses. In Wisconsin, Romney channeled the anti-union policies of embattled Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. "In many cases, though he didn't appear for photographs with Scott Walker"

Obama ducks, dodges, dives on Wisconsin

President Barack Obama and his White House team used a June 4press conference about women’s pay to draw media attention away from the June 5 Wisconsin recall election, which has the potential to tip the battleground state against him in November.
Obama has not visited the state to support the Democratic candidate for governor, Tom Barrett, even through Obama flew around the state on a two-state June 1 fundraising trip.
For June 4, he’s flying to three fundraisers in New York. His June 5 calendar has not been announced

And here is Palin who was not afraid to go to Wisconsin and nail her colors to the Walker mast.

Video and Transcript of the Tax Day Tea Party Speech in Madison, Wisconsin

Posted on April 18, 2011
Part 1
Part 2
Hello, Madison, Wisconsin! You look good. I feel like I’m at home. This is beautiful. Madison, I am proud to get to be with you today. Madison, these are the frontlines in the battle for the future of our country. This is where the line has been drawn in the sand. And I am proud to stand with you today in solidarity.
I am here today as a patriot, as a taxpayer, as a former union member, and as the wife of a union member. What I have to say today I say it to our good patriotic brothers and sisters who are in unions. I say this, too, proudly standing here as the daughter of a family full of school teachers. My parents, my grandparents, aunt, cousins, brother, sister – so many of these good folks are living on teachers’ pensions, having worked or are still working in education.
A pension is a promise that must be kept. Now, your Governor Scott Walker understands this. He understands that states must be solvent in order to keep their promises. And that’s what he’s trying to do. He’s not trying to hurt union members. Hey, folks, he’s trying to save your jobs and your pensions! But unfortunately some of your union bosses don’t understand this, and they don’t care if union members have to be laid off. No, they want to protect their own power, and if that means forcing a governor to lay off union workers, then so be it; they’ve proven that is fine with them. But that’s not real solidarity! Real solidarity means coming together for the common good. This Tea Party movement is real solidarity!
Well, I am in Madison today because this is where real courage and real integrity can be found. Courage is your governor and your legislators standing strong in the face of death threats and thug tactics. Courage is you all standing strong with them! You saw the forces aligned against fiscal reform. You saw the obstruction and the destruction. You saw these violent rent-a-mobs trash your capital and vandalize businesses.
Madison, you held your ground. Your governor did the right thing. And you won. Your beautiful state won. And you know what – people still have their jobs because of it! That’s courage. And that’s integrity. And that’s something that’s sorely missing in the Beltway today.

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