Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why Is Prof.Jacobson Blogging About Leftist Netroots Nation Conference?

Senior conservative blogger  
(Legal Insurrection) Prof. William Jacobson has two lead columns (one by an associate) complete with video about and from the "progressive" left's gab fest conference Netroots Nation.

In the posts Van Jones and Kos Moulitsas et al quoted. Why? 

Why given any publicity-even mocking and satirical to this minority within a minority group of radicals? They hate conservatives as even a cursory glance at their blog sites e.g. Daily Kos or FireDogLake will show. 

Actually hate is to kind a word, they loath and detest the people and values that conservatives are and represent.

Even mentioning their names gives them an unwarranted credence, i regret having to do so even in asking that their names not be mentioned. they have had their day during the Bush years and are irrelevant as the country moves on.

 Let them turn their disappointment on president Obama as seems to be happening, let them take their frustration out on their Wisconsin debacle on, of all people, Sarah Palin but let them do it in the dark shorn of any comment or publicity from normal people.

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