Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Best Of The Latest Utter Financial Doom And Gloom Articles

As befits the topic I'll use my suit and tie photo trusting it doesn't put anyone off from reading further. 

In the early days of the BBC the news announcers would dress in a formal tuxedo, or dinner suite. That did befit the depression days and the seriousness of the economic situation so a tip of the hat to those gentleman in our days of doom and gloom.

As I have mentioned before the best source of utter depressing depression articles is the wonderful 
Market Oracle, a British financial commentary accumulation site. They lean heavily towards gold bugs, but that aside the writers are serious and informed. 

Whether they are correct is another matter which only time will prove one way or 'tother, but in the meantime they are entertaining in the manner of watching a horror movie. A movie is of course fantasy, but if any of these gentlemen's  prognostications come anywhere near to being reality, it will be goodnight nurse.

First up Clive Maund  AT THIS LINK advises we will be between a rock and a hard place shortly. He titles his article menacingly: 

"Heads A Deflationary Implosion - Tails A Hyperinflationary Depression..." 
He gives an overview of where we are, how we got here 
and where we will be. There is no avoiding the pit that awaits it appears, and it is for our own good too " 
What is set out is "The Big Picture" of the world economy. He advises:. "The world needs a long and deep depression in order to purge itself of excess debt and the distortions, inefficiencies and misallocation of capital resulting therefrom, and it is going to get it"

DK Matai sees a repeat of the 1930's complete with dictators and a massive depression looming

1930s: Europe Back To The Future?

"Europe's fast-escalating crisis is now more dangerous than Lehman's collapse in 2008, threatening to tip the world into a 1930s-style Second Great Depression unless global leaders work together to take dramatic action.


Doug Casey in his article AT THIS LINK

The American Debt Crisis, How to Save Your Money And Your Life"

sees wars and rumors of wars "So the already bankrupt nations of NATO will dig the hole deeper with some serious – but distracting – new wars.

But Mr. Casey does offer a what to do to protect yourself when the calamity comes analysis.

Sleep tight!

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