Saturday, August 20, 2011

Andrew Sullivan Finally Gets It "There's No Comparison Between Obama And Palin"

This from (at this link-click his name) Andrew Sullivan
" I think she's under-rated as a potential candidate exactly as Obama was under-rated.
But that, of course, is where the comparison ends."

Sullly's secret dream of Palin running for president appears closer with even Karl Rove now stating she will run.

Sully has warned the world, time and time again, that his nemesis with a uterus will run and, who knows, march all gays off to death panels ? Sullivan hasn't actually set out what the nameless dread Palin will usher in actually is.

One thing for sure we now find out is that there is no comparison between Palin and Obama. Such irony Sully, and such praising with faint damning.

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