Friday, August 26, 2011

Removed Autocratic/Egocentric/Intolerant/Juvenile Red State&Free Republic From Blogroll

Perhaps it is the rising level of candidate bias in an election season which is bringing out the worst in blog commentators on Red State and Free Republic. 

But whatever the reason the intolerance of people who respond to posts on these sites has reached a level which is at a point where  reasoned debate is near impossible.

Personal invective, one-upmanship and points scoring is the order of the day it seems. This, at a time when reasoned debate is vital so that when the time comes when the GOP has chosen a candidate, there is a united front, and a well thought out line of presentation to the wider public based on policy.

This sort of nonsense does not happen in a vacuum of course. The managers of these sites set the tone, have the capacity to block or chastise over the top ad hominem attacks. Instead they have allowed the sites to degenerate, and indeed add to the degeneracy by their own intolerance of posts which don't fit their agenda and their ego driven caustic posts.

I have now removed them from my Blogroll, a small but hopefully noticed action-I see numerous comments on other sites that many have done the same or have stopped reading them-hopefully they will get the message.

On a more positive note;

 enjoy this outstanding pop/rock/house/funk track (hard to categorize as it crosses a lot of genres but is fantastic) by CINEMA 90

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