Friday, August 19, 2011

Dan Riehl At "Riehl World View" Slams Red State Hypocrisy For Attacking Palin

A blistering attack on Restate by the influential Dan Riehl at Riehl world view for their attacking Sarah Palin for somehow being an apostate and becoming "establishment"

The idea that Palin could be viewed as being against the Tea Party is beyond ludicrous-she is, of course  the headliner at a massive Tea Party event in Iowa on September 3rd-where she may announce her candidacy. 

The event has generated so much interest they have had to move the venue to one where it can accommodate 20,000 people.

Here is a core part of Riehl's stinging attack on the Red State:

"#WhoIsLeonWolf ? A RedState Moron, Apparently

How did I miss this today? I can't say Wolf's post is the dumbest thing I've ever seen at RedState. That would require hours of research I've no interest in doing. But certainly, it's up there with one of the silliest posts I've read there.
Back to the point, however. I have no idea who Leon H. Wolf is, nor do I care, but he posts on RedState, a website I respect. People are free to advocate for whomever they wish. But Wolf's post is pathetic. If advocates for other candidates, perhaps Rick Perry in this case, think that by trashing solid conservatives like Palin will score points, as Karl Rove is now trashing Perry, it will not work. I saw Palin at Tea Party event after Tea Party event. I saw her breaking her back to help defeat liberal Democrats and RINOs in the last election. I don't know where Leon was, or if it mattered. But we all know she is detested by the GOP establishment."

You can read the whole article  AT THIS LINK 

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