Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hot Air Poll For August Palin Increases Her Vote To 40%.Bachmann Down 58% from July

Hot Air's latest online poll for August,-which again appears to be a one vote per person poll shows, once again, the strength of Sarah Palin amongst the rank and file, who certainly, judging by this poll, don't want anything to do with Mitt Romney or Bachmann. In this poll Palin has increased her percentage to  40%

In the last July Hot Air poll Bachmann had dropped 50% from 19.5% to 10% and now down to 8%- a drop of 58%.It is also  very clear that these activists don't want anything to do with Romney.

If she declares, as is widely expected, in Iowa on September 3rd her ratings can only go up. Palin, as per the August "Hot Air" poll, despite all the MSM naysayers, and the Taylor Marsh type PDS pundits, just keeps rising.

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