Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bookmaker Wm.Hill Changes Palin Nomination Odds From 20-1 To 10-1

August 2011

Palin For President - Odds On US Presidential Race At William Hill

by Renee Israel 

Excitement is already building for the US Presidential race, and the Republicans are currently the focus in the build up to the vote on their party's representative for the 2012 US Presidency.
Recently, we've seen some interesting movement at the Gibraltar based British bookmaker, William Hill. Until now, Sarah Palin was an outsider in the race, falling behind in the shadows of Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.  Her odds were around 20/1 that she would win the Republican nomination.
However, surprisingly, Palin's odds dropped to 10/1 and she may not be an outsider after all in the weeks leading up to the nomination.
The current favourite to win the Republican nomination is Rick Perry with odds of 11/8, followed by Romney at 2/1.  Sarah Palin has not officially entered the race yet, but there is strong speculation that she will, leading to a flurry of bets.
Other odds:
Michele Bachmann - 4/1
Ron Paul - 7/1
Jon Huntsman - 14/1
Rudy Guiliani - 28/1

Who will win the US Presidential Race

Elections for the US Presidency will be held in November next year, and the current favourite to win is Barack Obama at 4/5.   This is despite the fact that Obama's approval rate has fallen below 40% and he has the potential of becoming a president that is voted out after only four years in office.
However, analysts don't see a better alternative in the Republican camp.  The Republicans view Barack, according to Barry Reid, political commentator, as the "Prince of Darkness, a cerebral elitist who is selling America down the drain."  But they don't seem to be able to offer a better choice.
Michelle Bachman may be a colourful novelty, but her views have the potential to frighten away the leftist bloc and she will not last long.
While Mitt Romney is considered a front runner in the Republican race, "there's no evidence of fire in his belly," according to Reid.  He is considered dull, despite his success as the governor of Massachusetts and his all-American picture-perfect looks.
Rick Perry, governor of Texas for over a decade, has more "fire" but has the tendency to put his foot in his mouth too often for his party's liking.
So can Sarah Palin offer a good alternative for the Republicans? Watch the odds at William Hill and other bookmakers.

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