Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Liberals Blame Obama For Their Wisconsin Recall Debacle As Their World Falls Apart.

UPDATE;Washington Post's Chris Cillizza gets it completely wrong-blinded by bias no doubt.

"Wisconsin Republicans are in real danger of losing control of the state legislature in tonights recall elections, as it looks more and more possible that they will  lose at least three of the six seats that are on the ballot"

The so called "progressive' left is seeing their world falling apart. After all the time, effort and millions of dollars spent by the radicals and unions in Wisconsin to get a recall operation in place to overturn Governor Walker's senate majority they have failed.

They had to win three of the six seats today (and hold the seats the Dem's have in next weeks recall elections) but won only two and, since their supporters will be demoralized for the next round they may lose at least one of their own. The whole exercise has been a waste of time and shows the minority rabble that the thugs who caused such  a ruckus at Madison to be

Who is to blame? A look at the leading radical website "Daily Kos's" Wisconsin results comments, sees the blame put on... who else but President Obama.A few are calling for radical action outside of the electoral system, which one would expect from the left whose history lies there, but the fault lies, not in the stars or with themselves but with their president.

They are looking through a window when they should be looking at a mirror. They, the young progressives especially, were the ones who defeated Hillary, swallowed the liberal media's lies, distortions,cover ups and ridiculous promotion of someone who  the right saw as an empty suit who could make a great speech.

That that person, and he can't be blamed actually for going along for the ride, has turned out to be a failure for them, and the country is not his fault-he is one person after all, but entirely their fault. Not that they see it that way however. 

For a column of blame, despair, fault finding elsewhere and demolition of the hapless Obama, the self-professed "professional left" liberal and Obama voter Cenk Uygur delivers the message perfectly. One would almost, almost that is, feel sorry for these people.

But compassion is a natural human response for conservatives but their is a limit-look at what these disgusting "humans" at the "progressive" blog Crooks&liars" have to say about conservatives, people in Wisconsin, and Americans in general, who are all, apparently, stupid idiots for not being progressives-like them. This is an example-just one of many of their attitude "if these numbers hold the******* cheesheads deserve what the get" (whoever censored this myob-the liberals need to be seen in the full light of day for what they are.

Further, for the campaign of destruction against Hillary Clinton and the unremitting campaign of destruction against Sarah Palin, who is clearly made of sterner stuff than their erstwhile hero, they deserve nothing but ridicule for being so gullible.

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