Thursday, August 25, 2011

Upside Of The Obama Unemployment Years; Leftist Sites Like Slate Laying Off Staff

Politico reports that leftist site Slate lays of four including Jack Shafer;

"Slate held a meeting on Wednesday afternoon to inform staff about the layoffs, which affected four people. Staffers said there was no mention of any reason for them beyond the tough economic times."

These leftists sites had their heyday on the hate filled, rancorous last years of the Bush administration when the liberal, mob minded found places like Daily Kos,Wonkette, Gawker to scream and rant.

Their fellow travellers, at a higher intellectual, but no less mean spirited level, like Slate, and at a further pace apart the New York Times, also benefited from the poisonous atmosphere they created, and reaped the financial benefit from.

It is of course a sweet justice to see the very people who worked so hard to destroy Bush, and to get Obama elected, despite the latter having no real claim to the presidency based on experience, being brought down by the economic environment under their chosen one.

It is not a matter of joy to see anyone being made unemployed, but certainly satisfaction can be taken in the irony of seeing people who worked so hard to oppose an administration, which had a good record on employment, replaced, thanks to their efforts, by a far worse administration, to their own eventual detriment.

The Slate list of contributors includes Hitchens, Spitzer (who is being sued for libel over a Slate article, Weigel, and Dickerson so hopefully the irony will continue for Slate and others of their ilk.

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