Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Right Must Rise Above Politics Of Attacking The Physical

I've removed "The Astute Bloggers" from the Blogroll. (as well as Red State and Free Republic for other reasons) because of the imagery they choose to use as per the examples below.

Disagreeing with an opponents political/social./moral philosophy in vehement, even polemical terms is one thing but attacking their physical appearance-especially if it is caused by treatment for cancer goes beyond the bounds of decency.

Chavez may be a socialist but he is not Hitler or Stalin neither has he declared war. To wish physical suffering on a political opponent is low.  Michelle Obama may be a spendthrift but does not deserve such distortion. These sort of tactics do the right no good, neither do the autocratic, intolerent, egocentric ones of Red State and Free Republic.

If the right is to be seen as having a valid prescription for a renewed America that prescription must include rising above the sort of level  where the "progressive" left has camped itself.

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