Thursday, August 11, 2011

Even Palin's Bus is a Rock Star-WQAD TV Has The Report

CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR THE VIDEO CLIP  WQAD TV      in Moline  has the story :

It seems as though most people love or love-to-hate Sarah Palin, but today Quad Citians showed bipartisan support for something connected to the former Alaska Governor.

This morning, workers at the Ben Franklin in Moline noticed her tour bus parked behind the store.

Slowly, word started spreading which drew a crowd of gawkers. Some told us they supported the former Vice Presidential candidate while others said they could not, on television, tell us what they thought of her.

Everyone we spoke with was having fun, kidding with each other around the Constitution-clad chariot parked near the Rock River.

We learned that her bus driver was staying at a nearby hotel but the former governor was not around

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