Thursday, August 11, 2011

Palin In Virtual Tie At Top Of GOP Candidates Whilst Bachmann Drops 12 Points To 6th Place

The above is the latest CNN poll of potential, and actual, GOP candidates, and it has Michele Bachmann at 7% whilst Sarah Palin, who has of course not declared, is at 12%. Palin is within the MOE with Perry, the media's candidate du jour, and within striking distance of Romney, who at 17% is hardly the breakaway frontrunner.

Perry is expected to declare this weekend, which leaves Palin as the last in/best in candidate, should she so choose to be, when and if she declares on September third in Iowa. The fact that she has resumed her "patriotic bus tour" in Iowa speaks volumes about her intentions I believe, but we shall see.

If she does declare, and September third is the three year anniversary of her introduction speech at the 2008 convention, which made her a household name, it would be hard to imagine a better day to launch her 2012 campaign.

In the meantime 'the great inscrutable one" has chosen to see the candidates of the day/week/month come in with a blaze of publicity, and either self-destruct, or return to near anonymity as the case may be. Michele Bachmann being the classic example. Here is her poll result at the height of the media beat up for her.

Rasmussen reports;  6/14-6/14  Romney 33%  Palin-
(not canvassed)  Bachman 19%

Palin has held steady during this period whereas Bachman
has declined a substantial 12 points. No doubt
some of her (Bachmann's) support has bled to Perry.
Thus, when/if Palin declares, it could be expected that both Perry,
after the media has fun with his record, and Bachman, will
bleed support to Palin. At which point she will likely overtake
Romney, especially as Santorum and Cain drop out, or run
neck and neck with him right up to the convention.

The one major difference between Palin and the other
candidates is that the left media is exhausted. They have run
out of negative things to say about her, and in reality the
Alaskan emails debacle was their total nadir, from which they
will never recover.

Even the "progressive" hate machine blogs have run out of puff
and all the can do is endlessly parrot "she's a quitter" for lack
of any other "dirt' they can dig up on her.

The reality is she will have an unimpeded campaign and can
totally concentrate on the issues, without having to defend her
record, or herself, as everything about her has been canvassed.

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