Friday, August 19, 2011

Dick Morris Tweets "Looks Like Palin Will Announce Sept 3rd In Iowa".Joins 63 other Pundits

UPDATE: Here's Jim Pethokoukis of Reuters added to the mix of now 65 who say she is running.

Here is Dick Morris joining 64 other pundits (here is the list of 65 who say she will run and 54 who say she won't) in advising that Palin will announce a run for the presidency-right down to the date in his case.

Morris seems to want it both ways-here he is, on June first, advising that Palin will not run

"Ultimately I believe that Sarah Palin knows all this and won't actually run. She will be what Colin Powell was in 1995 — the center of massive speculation that did not lead to an actual candidacy. But just as Bob Dole advanced steadily to win the 1996 Republican nomination while the hoopla surrounding Powell distracted all attention, so Romney advances masked by the shadows of first Trump, then Gingrich and now Palin."

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