Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hypocritical Lib's "It's Now OK (For Pol's)To Send Naked Pic's" After Weiner/Wu/Maguzzu Sex Scandals

Liberal gossip scandal sheet "Gawker" has gone all anti-prude and advise it is perfectly OK for politicians to send sexy pictures over the internet, and presumably grab ass, in this day and age. 

Certainly they advise,we should all be grown ups about such things-after all boys will be boys etc. They advise that the likes of Weiner and now Maguzzu should not have resigned;

"Stop Quitting Your Job Over Naked Photos

The latest to join the ever-growing ranks of elected officials who have resigned after sending naked pictures of themselves over the internet is New Jersey freeholder Louis Magazzu. Really, buddy, there was absolutely no reason for you to quit."
All very broad minded and fair;

"Instead of stepping down, Magazzu and other politicos in his situation should just put their dicks away and get back to business as usual. It may be a small consolation, but I'm actually more likely to vote for a candidate after seeing he's just as stupid, horny, and crass as the rest of us out there who are just trying to get laid with a randy"

The interesting fact about this newly discovered attitude to "stupid, horny" politicians is that the aforementioned trio share one thing in common-they are all Democrats. 

Where was this broad-mindedness in the case of governor Sanford, or senator Vitter who were ridiculed, lampooned and pilloried and called on to resign, by the same liberal media that is now calling for everyone to back off these Dem's?

The utter hypocrisy of sites like Gawker and the disgusting execrable leftist hate site Wonkette is so blatant that they are lowering their cause, if that were possible, even further as the country signalled last November when they rejected the liberal agenda at the polls.

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