Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ludicrous Alana Goodman At Commentary; "Palin Would Get 34%" Vs. Obama

Commentary has an article up by someone named Alana Goodman which gets right to the point "Pew Poll; Palin has no chance."

She digests the latest Pew Poll and makes the following declarations

1.Palin probably won't run

2.If she did run she would get a maximum of 34% in the presidential election "if  she managed to win over every single person who was merely open to voting for her" So we could expect the 34% to be much less by following Goodman's analysis.

It is of course worse than ludicrous to present that any GOP candidate, running against what it turning out to be an extremely unpopular president, in an election year which may see an unemployment rate at a level which is historically a marker of doom for candidates running for re-election, would get 34% of the vote-or less.

It is the sign of an immature, inexperienced commentator who is letting bias distort legitimate analysis. At the very least, to make her article have a shred of credibility, instead of quoting Poltiico, a notoriously anti-Palin site, she could have put these sort of polls into perspective. Any journalist (as opposed to a journolist) worth their salt would know that opinions this far out have little credibility as voters return to tribal support in the voting booth.

To compound the articles total Beltway type arrogance Goodman goes on to prescribe to GOP voters what  as to how they should think when deciding on a candidate. 

Picks the lower level of support for Palin  (11% instead of the 13% in the PPP poll) doesn't mention that Palin is ahead of Bachmanin bot Gallup and PPP, has 41% support in a head to head poll with Obama in the CNN poll, and decries the 11% but is OK with Romney's poor showing in the poll. That No GOP candidate has even a third of voter support would, one would think, give her pause.

Here is Palin's polling in Ohio from PPP (D) Polls which further makes Goodman's theme ridiculous;

PPP Ohio 2012 Republican Poll: Net Favorability Ratings: Palin +41%; Perry +35%; Bachmann +26%; Romney +22%; Cain +21%

We've seen this before-Reagan had no hope in 1980, was the GOP's worst choice and in election year was 30% behind Carter in the polls-we saw how that worked out for the commentators who were the likes of Goodman then

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