Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Palin Pile On Week From GOP & Lib Establishment Post Iowa-Desperate To Keep her From Running

UPDATE; Here is NRO getting stuck in today

The timing of these Palin hit pieces is hardly a coincidence. The GOP establishment desperately wants to keep her out of the 2012 campaign.

The Romney/Bachman/Perry supporters in the beltway and the media and of course their campaign operatives have clearly decided that Palin is about to reach her decision as to whether or not she will run and they are doing their damn-est to create a poisonous atmosphere for her to dissuade her against entering the lists.

We are used to seeing the usual attacks on Palin from the radical left and the Huffington Post but the concentrated venom from the GOP side, with a smattering of condescending drivel from the N.Y. Times types all in a matter of a few days since Iowa is unprecedented.

The themes are either,so sad to see Palin reduced to a shadow of her former self, or she should fall on her sword and retire from pubic life for the good of the party as she is taking the spotlight off 'proper" candidates.Palin is, they say, a no hoper, has no support is just seeking personal publicity and etc.

The question is, as always with these attacks, if Palin is so ineffectual,useless, a no hoper a fading star, a distraction then why are all these commentators attacking her? Why does she score higher than Bachmann in poll after poll? 

Why do on-line polls at activist websites show her the far and away favorite of responders? Why is she the most highly favored Republican in major polls amongst the GOP voters? Why does she have the highest favorable ratings, even higher than Romney in Ohio? Why does she have millions of Facebook followers who are chomping at the bit to support her if she runs?

the answer is, obviously, that she has substantial support and if she does enter will shake up the race to the detriment of all these commentators favorites.

All these attacks (and these are just a few) in the last two days.

Here's David Frum (always a hater of Palin) at Frum Forum piling on "Lessons learned from the Palin debacle"

Archetypical dumb blond Megan McCain (as reported at Stacy McCain's the Other McCain site where he treats McCain with withering sarcasm) decries Palin's "attention seeking antics" and writes her off.

Yahoo Opinion Sarah Palin's Family Values Non-existent with Iowa Tour

The Anti-Palin herself the NY Times Maureen Dowd "Is Palin Untrending"?

Why Iowa is Palin's Waterloo say Moderate voice (Palin is too smart for her own good they advise)

Another Beltway harridan Kathleen Parker opines "Why we're fed up with Palin" (who is "we" by the way?)

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