Friday, August 5, 2011

The "Go To" Site For All Your Utter Doom & Gloom Financial Reports

"The Market Oracle" is my can't miss financial report site as the level of gloom and doom articles makes Roubini seem like a pollyana. The really frightening thing is that although their pessimism misses the mark on a day to day basis, and some of their prognostications are wildly wrong, over time they, in a general sense, have got it right.

They are, almost to a man, gold bugs, but the gold graph at the site says they have been right. One article advises that gold is heading to $4k-so on their track record that may be a good buy ( and a goodbye to the America economy too it seems.)

Here is just today's Cassandra topics-enjoy!

All of Today's Articles
Washington Debt Compromise Spells Death Knell for U.S. Economy - 5th Aug 11 - Vedran Vuk
U.S. Debt: Has its Past Become its Future? - 5th Aug 11 - Frank Trotter
Stock Market Sitting On Fine Bull/Bear Line - 5th Aug 11 - Chris_Ciovacco
Stock Market Too Early To Buy! - 5th Aug 11 - Sy_Harding
Gold Manage to Do What the Euro Did Not? - 5th Aug 11 - Przemyslaw_Radomski
Mass Layoffs, Robots, Paints Dismal U.S. Jobs Siutation - 5th Aug 11 - Mike_Shedlock
Gold Continues to March Toward $4,000 - 5th Aug 11 - Barry_Elias
Dark Window Debt Default - 5th Aug 11 - Andrew_McKillop
Gold Dips as Germany and ECB Dragged Towards Shock and Awe - 5th Aug 11 - Ben_Traynor
Gold Safe Haven Jumps 2% as Stock Market Indices Crash - 5th Aug 11 - GoldCore
The Full Blown Correction Is Underway! - 5th Aug 11 - George_Maniere
Silver Recovery Set To Continue - 5th Aug 11 - Seven_Days_Ahead
Will GBP/USD 38.2% Key Support Level Last? - 5th Aug 11 - Seven_Days_Ahead
Stock Market Bulls Anxiety - 5th Aug 11 - Seven_Days_Ahead
Marc Faber Says We have Not Experienced a Major Stock Market Sell Off - 5th Aug 11 - Aftab_Singh
Stock Market Moving Toward the September Low - 5th Aug 11 - Donald_W_Dony
Where Are The Stock Markets Headed Next - 5th Aug 11 - Tony_Pallotta
Dog Days Of Summer, Politicians Rest Before Returning To The Fray. The Political War Will Continue - 5th Aug 11 - Danny_Schechter
Will Japan Currency Intervention Work? - 5th Aug 11 - Asha_Bangalore
U.S. Jobless Claims Holding At Elevated Level - 5th Aug 11 - Asha_Bangalore
Gold Stocks: Where Is The Leverage? - 5th Aug 11 - Willem_Weytjens
German Central Bank Goes to War with ECB Over Resumption of Bond Purchases - 5th Aug 11 - Mike_Shedlock
More Downside for Amazon Stock - 5th Aug 11 - Mike_Paulenoff
Correlation between India and Gold - 5th Aug 11 - Willem_Weytjens
Stock Market Crash, Find Out What's Next for U.S. Markets? - 4th Aug 11 - Robert Folsom
Gold is the True Reserve Currency - 4th Aug 11 - Michael_Pento
Gold and Silver Are Firing On All Cylinders - 4th Aug 11 - Eric_McWhinnie
Venezuela to Compensate American Oil Companies for Nationalization? - 4th Aug 11 - OilPrice_Com
The Dollar is the World’s Currency, but the Federal Reserve is America’s Central Bank! - 4th Aug 11 - Aftab_Singh
Stocks Bear, FED about to Make the Mistake of the Decade? - 4th Aug 11 - Toby_Connor
Gold Rallies as Japan Joins Global Currency War - 4th Aug 11 - Ben_Traynor
Gold Surges as Yen Falls Sharply and Global Currency Wars Resume - 4th Aug 11 - GoldCore
What Current Stock Market Decline Has in Common With March’s Correction - 4th Aug 11 - Mike_Paulenoff
A Double Dip Recession? How Do We Protect Ourselves - 4th Aug 11 - George_Maniere
Protect Your Wealth with Large-Cap Dividend Stocks - 4th Aug 11 - Kerri Shannon
U.S. National Debt Heading for $23 Trillion by 2021 - 4th Aug 11 - Martin Hutchinson
Debt Issues Put a Ceiling on Stocks and a Floor Under Gold - 4th Aug 11 - Joseph_Russo
Debt Ceiling or QE3 in Disguise? Gold Smells the Rats - 4th Aug 11 - Andy_Sutton
Is it a Sea Change if Rating Agencies Stick a Lower Rating for U.S. Sovereign Debt? - 4th Aug 11 - Asha_Bangalore
Nuclear Glow at the End of the Tunnel - 4th Aug 11 - Elizabeth Manning
QE3 Coming Soon? Treasury TIPS Say No - 4th Aug 11 - Tony_Pallotta
Time to Buy Battered Junior Gold and Silver Mining Stocks - 4th Aug 11 - James West
Italy Bond Market Failure to Trigger Bailout as ECB to Become Buyer of "Only" Resort - 4th Aug 11 - Mike_Shedlock
Stock Market and Silver Technical Outlook - 4th Aug 11 - J_W_Jones
Gold, Medicare and Foreigners' Money - 4th Aug 11 - Ben_Traynor
Upside Continuation Expected for Silver SLV ETF - 4th Aug 11 - Mike_Paulenoff
The Food Crisis War Endgame - 4th Aug 11 - Andrew_McKillop
Fed Given License To Debase U.S. Dollar Further, Gold Strong Breakout - 4th Aug 11 - Jim_Willie_CB
Marc Faber: China Bubble Crash Poses a Huge Global Risk - 4th Aug 11 - Aftab_Singh
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