Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Birthday Party Games At President Obama's 50th

Here's what some of the folks at Conservatives4Palin have suggested might be going on at President Obama's 50th Birthday fund raiser party. 

Unlike  e.g. the execrable Wonkette/Daily Kos and other "progressive" hate sites, these are in good fun. Perhaps readers here might offer their suggestions in the comments section (to be put in the main text)

Early retirement package       
Half of dozen bottles of "Just for Men
Two dozen of Lady Golf balls

Name That Czar!
Pin The Tail on ALL The Donkeys
Satan Sandwich Eating Contest
Potato (Satan Fries) Sack Race (bring the one you sleep in at night)
Reverse Limbo

Here are the irrepressibel "Smitty's witty's" (from the other Mccain)

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