Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bolton Very Impressive On Van Susteren's Show-The Ideal VP? (Palin/Bolton '12?)

Here is a man who has, clearly, an outstanding grasp of geopolitical issues, who has in-depth knowledge of people, places, the players, the threats and the allies across the globe.

Bolton impresses as a man who is a true patriot, who would stand up for America, to be a JFK "fight any foe" type leader. Whether he has the people skills,the all important "connect" to appeal to the average American voter. 

Whether his grasp of international affairs is matched by a similar grasp of domestic economic realities, and whether he has viable prescriptions to get America out of the dreadful mess it is in, are questions which have not yet been addressed.

Even in the absence of the answers to the questions about his knowledge and abilities regarding domestic issues, it seems apparent, in fact obvious, to me that he would be a tremendous asset to a GOP ticket as vice-president. 

No doubt the liberal media would paint him as a scary neo-con Bushite and the satirists would lampoon his appearance, but I think the public has gone well beyond that childish carry over from the 2008 Obama lick-spittle media effort.

These are serious times, both domestically, and internationally, with the massive dangers abroad that Bolton addressed in the interview above and which he is eminently capable of addressing to America's advantage and honor. 

How this administration could let Putin call America a "parasite nation" with no comment back, is an embarrassment and a disgrace. That comment would surely be addressed strongly by a President Palin and a Vice-President Bolton.

A Palin/Bolton team-up would give America a choice of economic common sense realism, allied with the common touch, and a steadfast hand in international relations and friend of Israel.

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