Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Palin Has Highest Favorability Rating In Ohio And Second In Vermont Where She Improves McCain's 2008 Result

According to the Democratic pollster PPP (D) who polls for the radical left-wing site Daily Kos Sarah Palin's favorables in Ohio are the highest of all potential GOP nominees at present. Her 34% favorability rating leads the field even against Romney and Perry.

 Mitt Romney, 30% favorable/49% unfavorable, Rick Perry, 28% favorable/37% unfavorable, Michele Bachmann, 30% favorable/49% unfavorable, Sarah Palin, 34% favorable/59% unfavorable, and Herman Cain, 22% favorable/35% unfavorable. 

On the debit side her unfavorables are also the highest but if she declares and stumps in Ohio there is of course every chance for her to bring that aspect down-the C4P analysis below shows this movement is already under way.To put it further into perspective President Obama's ratings are a 44/52 so Palin as nominee would have a fighting chance in this key state.To put it even further into perspective, Gallup has Obama nationwide at 39/53 today-the lowest of his presidency so far.

This further analysis from Conservatives4Palin

The Daily Kos pollster finds that Governor Palin’s net favorable rating among Ohio McCain/Palin voters has improved by three since May while Mitt “peacetime” Romney’s net favorable rating among Ohio McCain/Palin voters has decreased by fourteen. Palin’s net favorable rating among Ohio indepedents has improved by sixteen points since May while Romney’s net favorable rating among Ohio independents has decreased by nine. Romney’s net favorable rating among Ohio Republicans is down seventeen points since May.

This analysis from PPP's results

In Vermont, an ultra-liberal state in which Obama defeated McCain by 37 points in 2008-61% to 31% PPP  finds that Palin runs behind Obama by 34 points-a three point improvement. Amongst the GOP candidates Palin's favorability is second only to Romney but like all Republicans it is very low.

PPP makes the point that if President Obama's now 20 point lead over Romney, a 17 point drop from his margin over McCain, was repeated, pro rata, nationwide, there would be a GOP landslide. Thus the presidency is there for Palin should she run and receive the nomination on today's polling.

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