Thursday, August 4, 2011

An Heartfelt, Sincere, Case For Sarah Palin With Undistorted Review Of Her Record

"JeremyinTucson" makes a passionate plea titled "what is Sarah Palin Thinking" to view and consider Governor Palin purely on her record. Not through the distorted prism of the liberal media who have, as he points out clearly, done everything possible to destroy her.

The question is why would the go to so much trouble over a Governor from a far away state. the answer he sets out-with a multitude of examples, is her record of conservative and productive government. The left recognizes that if Palin was ever elected president and achieved to the same level that she did in Alaska the whole big spending liberal agenda would be exploded and a long period of sensible common sense government would be in train.

Jeremy's article is up at Red State but you can read it HERE

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