Friday, August 5, 2011

"Palin Slams Rick Perry's Record"pretty much puts an end to the outrageous rumours that she’ll endorse Rick Perry"

Ian Lazaran at Conservatives4Palin has this report up with the important links:

This re-tweet from Governor Palin should pretty much put an end to the outrageous rumors that she’ll endorse Rick Perry.  The great article from Whitney and PA4Palin re-tweeted by the Governor directly contrasts Governor Palin’s stellar record on debt and liabilities with the futile records of Mitt “peacetime” Romney and Rick Perry.  If Palin is endorsing Perry, why is she re-tweeting an article that slams his inability to control what Governor Palin has described as the “foundation of destruction?”
It’s also noteworthy that the article that Palin re-tweeted pretty much calls for her to run for the presidency.
This report is of course vital at many levels. As Lazaran advises it is another call for Palin to run from a significant activist. With Perry going so far as to contact key Republicans in South Carolina, after his similar exploratory conversations with Iowa Republicans means that his decision on entering the race, or not, is at tipping point.
Labor Day is clearly the key in all this and with Palin due to address a major Tea Party Meeting on September 3rd in Iowa, and her advice that she too will decide in "late August or early September" It appears,and this is my take on it that she has decided she will run.
If she was not going to run it seems odd that she would comment on an article which attacks what would be a main competitor, Romney and a possible competitor, Perry in a tweet which would be seen by hundreds of thousands and will of course be picked up by the media.
It is noteworthy that the media is turning their blowtorch on Perry, witness the articles about his poor grades in university which have just surfaced which are of course just the tiniest tip of the iceberg as to what they,the liberal media, will dredge up.
A significant article for which Little Blog On the Prairie and PennsylvaniansforPalin should be highly commended

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