Monday, August 1, 2011

RINO's Romney/Bachmann Join battle After It's Over-Palin Led From The Front

The Hill reports that both Mitt Romney (Rino Mass.) and Michele Bachmann (Expedient Alt Univ.) have both come out against the debt ceiling deal:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) (?) broke his silence on the congressional debt-ceiling fight on Monday, emerging to say he couldn't back the final deal announced Sunday.

Romney joins Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn.) as another member of the Republican presidential field to oppose the deal, which has been sold by GOP leaders to rank-and-file members as the best achievable plan.

Well that shows guts, courage and leadership-not on their part but by Sarah Palin who, once again, nailed her colors to the mast and, at a crucial time when the GOP establishment was looking to push through a bill which did not address a BBA, spoke out and stiffened the backbones of the Tea Party freshmen.

Steve Benen at Washington Monthly says it best;
" Romney's Cravenness
As House Republicans fought amongst themselves over Speaker Boehner’s budget bill last week, Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney was asked for his opinion. He took a pass. Romney wasn’t sure which way the prevailing winds were blowing in his party, so he simply didn’t know what he was supposed to say.

It reinforced the perception that Romney isn’t just a weak frontrunner, but on a more personal level, is also a weak candidate."

Even morals/values/ challenged hate site Wonkette has recognized that there is someone whose principles are below theirs; Romney surfaces after debt deal "I'd have done if differently"

As expected the Dem's, foaming and gnashing their teeth at their being beaten once again have lashed out at Palin and the Tea Party calling them wreckers, Nazi's, terrorists (this from the vice-president of the United States-disgusting) among some of their more milder attacks. All because they broke the golden rule of being elected on a platform and caving in as soon as they got to the Beltway. Rather they, as would be expected of Palin, took on the establishment and showed, that when you do, you can win.

Romney is obviously going down the same path that worked for Obama in his run in 2008-"No drama Romney", however, times have changed and the country has seen the result of having a no drama president who caves and flip flops. Romney's history gives no indication that if he ran on his newly discovered conservative thinking that he would not be "the best Democratic president since Roosevelt" as Obama is now being called "the best Republican president since Eisenhower".

Bachmann, under the guidance of Rollins, has obviously dampened down her past rhetoric and is taking the Romney/Obama route. That is good because it exposes her as a product of the Beltway too, in case anyone had any illusions and if and when Palin declares there is absolutely no reason why anyone who has supported her in Palin's absence should not immediately switch to Sarah.

No more Rino's, flip-flopper's, or fair weather friends thank you. Roll on September 3rd and Palin's address to the Tea Party in Iowa.

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