Monday, August 29, 2011

Steve Forbes Says "Palin Will Run" In Outstanding Economic Analysis Interview With BBC

Former presidential candidate and multi-millionaire publisher Steve Forbes stated that "Palin will run" in a wide ranging, challenging interview on the BBC's "Hardtalk".

The host, Stephen Sackur, pressed Forbes hard on his attitude to what needed to be done to rescue and restore the American economy, and Forbes not only gave clear, concise answers, but presented the conservative point of view in sharp reply to pointed questions . 

Sackur seemed to be questioning from the state intervention viewpoint, which would be expected from someone coming from an interventionist country. Forbes made the point in reply that such a system has failed, not only in Britain, but in the USA under the Obama administration.

Forbes was clear that not only did the fault lie with the interventionist Fed, but that the Bush administration was at fault as well. The answer for the future was, that as well as his economic prescriptions, and to ensure that politicians did not make the same mistakes over and over again, voters needed to elect responsible members to congress such as those the Tea Party provided support for.

When asked who he would support from amongst the current GOP presidential contenders Forbes said that he had not made up his mind yet. He would do so "over the next few weeks as there may be others who might enter the race". He made the point that Perry is on a learning curve, as his strident statements about Bernanke might suit a local race, but were not so suitable for the wider race he has embarked upon.

When Sackur asked him pointedly if he thought that further contenders might include Sarah Palin "whom you have made supportive comments about in the past" Forbes said that he thought she would enter the race, and he would make his mind up shortly as to whom he would support.

My interpretation is that Forbes would support Palin, a key Tea Party player as, perhaps, someone he would see as being true to Tea Party ideals and policies should she get elected. Further she is battled hardened on the national scene, unlike Perry, and could enter the fray without the learning curve, or for that matter the vetting, he is being subjected to.

The fact that Forbes hasn't settled on a candidate to support and has, it appears to me, indicated he will wait until Palin declares one way or the other, bodes very well for her should she decide to run as his support would be a valuable asset.

The BBC has provided (not in all areas) links to segments of the interview featuring the economic analysis, and also the full interview, at these links:

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