Saturday, August 6, 2011

"The Public's Complicity In It's own Outrage" Um-No,The Public Was Sold A Pup

What's wrong with this paragraph ?

It’s a comforting game many of us like to play, to insist the American people are the font of all wisdom and our politicians are nothing but knaves and fools. Perhaps they are; but if they are, it’s worth at least a moment’s self-reflection on the part of the public, which after all elects (and often re-elects) our public officials. We may not like the political jars of clay that have been produced. But in America, it is worth recalling that “we the people” are, in the end, the potters.

So opines Peter Wehner at Commentary after loftily advising "I understand fierce criticism of our political class is sometimes in order." Thus granting the flyover folks the right to "sometimes" criticize their elected officials.

However, it seems that, at the end of the day, the fault for all the failures of politicians, which are being seen so glaringly in this Obama administration lies, not in our (political) stars, but in ourselves. We after all chose to choose the very politicians who are letting us down.

What we are seeing is the political and pundit elite i.e. the Obama supporters, shifting the blame for their and his failures, onto anyone but themselves. The Tea Party , who are after all,  just plain folks, are demonized as "crazies" who held the country to ransom. 

The charge of "racism" against anyone who attacks the Obama administration has fallen flat, as Obama is now judged for the "content of his character." The realization of MLK's dream coming to fruition not apparently to the liking or expectation of the left.

It is of course true that the voters are always "the potters" who create the politicians but they can only work with the clay that is given to them. That this clay in 2008 was injected with an admixture of never before seen dissimulation, lies, baloney by the "journolist" media, allied to the Hollywood elites, in aid of a candidate who had no history  of governance making him suitable for the office he was manipulated into is sadly obvious.

To now blame the voters for being susceptible to one of the most sophisticated scams of all time is disingenuous. It is understandable that the left, in their disappointment at how things have turned out  would look to a scapegoat and typical that they, from their elite perch would blame the common herd for falling for the bill of goods they so assiduously sold.

The other tack that some on the left who are not in the elite are taking is a modified 'mea culpa' approach.

"I never thought Obama was all that good but I voted for him as the lesser of two evils." This usually precedes a long list of reasons why McCain/Palin  was unacceptable to them. This is of course  utter sophistry-the lesser of two (perceived in their minds) evils is of course evil. The proper course would have been to have voted third party (as did for example principled people on the right like e.g. Stacy McCain of "The Other McCain" site who voted for Barr) or to have stayed home.

As the left loses more and more faith in the feet of clay president they, not the public, created we can expect more of this blame shifting onto the common herd, who they profess to dedicate themselves to, but in reality the true dedication is to the expansion of the state. 

This concept Joan Walsh sets out with terrifying clarity at Salon. "The real confidence crisis doesn't lie with corporate America. It belongs to the Democrats. They are the party of government, and they should face it, and boldly advocate to use government to solve our problems. "

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