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The 67 Beltway Insiders/Pundits (Linked!) Who Were Right "Palin Won't Run"

Unlike the small minded and the gloaters and the Erickson's and Mataconis's I am, as a mature minded person unlike them, perfectly prepared to give credit where it is due.This, even if some of the the persons so credited are hateful, spiteful, ignoramuses, jerks and, in the case of the Kossites/Firedoglakeites.Wonketteites, hardly human.

Hopefully, although I doubt it, such magnanimity might set an example for them as to how a rational person behaves in the face of disappointment. May what they wished for Palin happen to them.

These 67 assorted Beltway insiders, pundits, columnists, talk show hosts, political television show hosts, religious leaders,"progressive" and other bloggers all agreed on one subject (or variations thereof e.g. "The demise of Palin/"She's irrelevant") "Sarah Palin won't run for president in 2012."

Some said she shouldn't run "for the good of the GOP" or their preferred alternative candidate. Some allowed for her running "but she has no chance of getting the nomination".Some are Palin fans and are, sadly, on the list.

In their "objectivity" they have variously described her as running a clown show, a reality TV show, an ego parade, a personal rehabilitation exercise, a narcissistic agenda, a revenge against the media program and other, varied, descriptions of Palin and her motives. These opinions pontificated from their elitist seats at the table of the oracle's temple.

I haven't included the mad "Trig truther" bloggers of course-not crediting them as seers (much less as human beings).The following pundits, linked to their statements, got it right


67 who stated Palin would not run:

Brendan Daly (Ogilvy Washington; former Pelosi communications director ) At Politico: October 4th. "can we just dismiss Sarah Palin already? She's not running and if she did, she can't possibly win. The GOP nominee will be Mitt Romney or Rick Perry. "

Erick Erickson at RedState "I told you people She's Not Running" October 1st.
Benjy Sarlin at TPM October 3rd "Whatever happened to Sarah palin.Everyone stopped taking her chances seriously. Palin's 15 minutes are up"
Joseph Lazzaro International Business Times Sept 8th. "5 Reasons Why She's Not running". Doubles down Sept.24th
"Palin will not announce that she's not running, until she absolutely has to."

Paul Goldman& Mark J Rozell at USA Today Sept. 13th "Palin is indeed running for president but in 2016 not 2012"

Paul Waldman The American prospect "Palin's game is one you can only play for so long. Once it becomes clear you aren't actually running, people lose interest. About eight months from now, there will be a Republican nominee for president.In fact, I'll go so far as to predict that this issue of Newsweek is the last time she'll appear on the cover of a news magazine. Ever." 

NATE SILVER  (the Lib's "go to" seer exploded once again with weasel worded but clear prediction fail) AT N.Y. TIMES FIVETHIRTYEIGHT.COM "Chris Christie, Sarah Palin and Rudolph W. Giuliani as options, and they collectively received 29 percent of the vote. Since none of those candidates are especially likely to run,"

Notes and Rest Makes Music Blogger hides behind Guy N Texas "name" but being an Andrew Sullivan fan that is not surprising. "Fans of Andrew Sullivan’s fine blog, The Dish have endured his hundreds of posts* about the prospect of Sarah Palin seeking, then winning the Presidency. It’s been clear for some time that Sullivan’s fears are unfounded" 

Donald Craig Mitchell Huffington Post Sept.23rd If Sarah decides to run for President (which I've been betting that, when push finally comes to shove, she's not going to do)
Jason Linkins at Huffington Post Sept 22nd. "Sarah Palin is not running for president"

Glyniss MacNicol at Business Insider Sept 8th " I don't believe she has any intention of doing so" (running)
Matt Dowd "“I ultimately don’t think she is getting in this race." August 11th
Weasel Zippers (sadly) September 1st "I personally don’t think she is running"
Michael Steele on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show "the field is set-she's not running" august 23rd
Deke Rivers at Caffeinated Politics
John Fund from WSJ on Fox "Palin Won't Run in 2012"-Doubles Down on Newsmax Sept 2nd "Why Palin is not running"
Doug Powers at the Powers That Be (but equivocated August 19th at link)
Tina Korbe at Hot Air " she wants to stoke speculation that she might still run for the presidency (even though my suspicion is that she won’t), August 11th
Joshua Green ( ("She's on the road to nowhere")  and again at Joshua Green (The Atlantic)
Scott Woodham Alaska Dispatch "Why Sarah Palin Won't Run For President" July 22nd
Meghan McCain "I don’t believe that Palin has any intention of actually running for president."
Ed Brayton at Scienceblogs  "But not only is she not running for president, I predict that she will never run for elected office again"
erpowers  DemocraticUnderground
Noelle Nikpour On Hannity August 2nd
Elspeth Reeve at The Atlantic hedges her bets "Sarah Palin (probably) isn't running for president" August 3rd
Michael Hussey at Pushing Rope "It is obvious Palin is not going to run" July 25th
Robert Paul Reyes at News Blaze"Sarah Palin Will Not Run For President In 2012! Bank On It!"
Karen Hanretty on Hannity's Great American Panel July 14th
Taylor Marsh
The Daily Point "Sarah Palin Will Not Run For President" (July 22nd)
Gary Stein Editorial Board Florida Sun-Sentinel "I don't think she'll run. She just wants to play the game. And if she does run, she won't come close to getting the Republican nomination.
Sarah Muller at MSNBC's "The Last Word" Sarah Palin seemed to learn a thing or two from her fake pizza summit with Donald Trump: how to revitalize a fake presidential campaign.
Jon Ponder Pensito Review
Alan Caruba at Warning Signs "Palin is not running"
Joy Ann Reid On Martin Bashir's MSNBC Show and the Reid report
Hot Air (Patrick Ishmael-Palin’s most likely role in the 2012 cycle would be as a coronator. I still believe that’s basically right.)
Ace Of Spades; Gabriel Malor "but my money says she's not running " June 26th/11
Eric Odom Campaign Report
Scott Nance at Blog Critics "Palin never really intended to run for president"
Eugene Robinson and Eugene Robinson doubles down: TRIPLES  down Sept 7th
David Letterman-Palin's not running, I wish she were, it would be entertaining.
Lawrence O'Donnell and DOUBLES DOWN WITH VIDEO "she will NEVER run for public office again"
Meghan Daum Los Angeles Times "OK Palin probably isn't running for president"
Jonathan Capeheart "Sarah Palin is not running for president.Let me repeat:Sarah Palin is not running for president." 
Technipol "I'm calling it right now and my readers can hold me to it"
Dick Morris  In Jewish World Review

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