Monday, October 10, 2011

Palin Hate Movie/Books Having Done Their Job,... Magically Disappear!

Just two weeks ago, before Sarah Palin made her decision that she would not be a candidate for president in 2012the media seemed to have time for little else than to lavish huge amounts of coverage on Joe McGinniss's hatchet job "The Rogue" Levi Johnston's "Deer In The Headlights' and then the Nick Broomfield "You Betcha" Palin  so called documentary.

Every tawdry bit of gossip from both "books" was slobbered over by the main stream media and the sensation tabloids. The supposed affairs and cocaine use, the "cougar" intimations, actually the list of supposed trash and garbage is just to low for me to even mention it further.

The point is that all of it was timed to do the maximum damage to Palin at the most crucial, decision making time.The plotters and planners figured out that September would be the crucial month for Palin, whether she had announced or not, as it would be in the main debate stage of the initial look at candidates. 

The Beltway Republicans and the elitists in the media and the "progressives" who have done everything possible to destroy Palin, saw that it was now or never, and the full barrage of propaganda of the lowest and most vile level they could come up with was put into play. Whether it played any  part in Palin's decision not to run is something only she and her family could say, but if it did surely no right thinking person, no matter what their political persuasion, could blame her it it did.

Now that she has decided not to run, the total and immediate dropping of any reference to the two "books" and the movie, is utterly astonishing in its blatant lack of concern for how incredibly transparent such actions are.

Clearly the powers that be are so self satisfied with the apparent result that they don't care who knows or notices it. Such a song and dance was made about the supposed low attendance at the pro-Palin documentary "The Undefeated" but what has happened to the Bloomfield movie post Palin's decision is shrouded in utter silence.

They may have, perhaps, won a battle but the outcome of the war, for that is exactly what it is, is still very much in doubt. It just may be that they have won a pyrrhic victory and that, the free from all restraints Palin, may cause more damage to their candidate, whether Obama or Romney (it makes little difference which). 

It just may be also that we see through a glass darkly, and what they have wrought may bring them consequences, some time in the longer term, which will lead them to regret their actions. 

If they had left Palin alone and she had run and lost the nomination, or stumbled badly during the campaign, then they would have been shot of her. But now she can go full bore rogue, it will be fascinating for her supporters, and hopefully very uncomfortable for her enemies, to see what the outcome will be.

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