Sunday, October 9, 2011

David Frum's Palin Attack Is Yesterday's Jews. Jewish Tea Party Is Certain

Enough already. David Frum from his elitist armchair puts (putz) the Beltway boot into Sarah Palin from the Jewish Republican country club standpoint. A representative of the true conservative Jewish standpoint Professor Jacobson deals with him at 
Legal Insurrection.

Jacobson is a representative of the future of Jewish voters. They are, finally, moving away from the Democrats on the left "in droves", and there has been a tradition of a libertarian element e.g. Milton Friedman, but sadly the small percentage of Jews who are Republicans contain an elitist element.

 Perhaps this is because, as happens with many immigrant groups, they want to be accepted by the upper crust and think that by slavishly following whatever viewpoint the Beltway boys have they will be welcomed into the  country club as honorary goys.

I re-present an analysis of why the Jews have been, in the main, supporters of the Democrats and what may have influenced the thinking of elitists like Frum, who may have tried to escape that thinking by going completely in the opposite direction to gain "acceptance." This leads to a condescending, down the nose, view of flyover country ordinary folks which is the equal of the worst of the New York Times Oped writers. However, both elements are "yesterday's Jews."

Nothing is more certain that, as a progression from the "Jews For Sarah Palin" website (linked below) and the rise of the Tea Party as the face and voice of the grass roots of conservative America a new group "The Jewish Tea Party" (Frum means "Kosher" but there is nothing kosher about Frum's opinions) or some similar name will be created. 

This new grouping will give a homeland, being a non-specific candidate supporting body, to the modern Jew who transcends being tied to "tales heard at granddad's knee" and the need to be accepted by his/her social betters .

What is with many of the liberal  Jews in the MSM, the blogosphere, the, usually minor, theatrical types, and their astonishing and relentless attacks on Sarah Palin-this woman is not a reincarnation of George Wallace and Czar Nicholas for heavens sake.

In newspaper and blog opinion pieces, with television commentators and hosts, it seems that a significant number of names leading the attacks are Jewish- including  the execrable Sandra Bernhard-and numerous others, opinion shapers whose numbers  in the media are out of all proportion to the size of the population, seemingly ad infinitum. 

If not Jewish names, then anglicised-and what sort of a Jewish name is Stewart by the way? (it reminds me of the old joke where one old country Jew says to his friend "David, what's going on ? Six months ago you changed your name to Jones and now you've changed it to Smith. "Simple" said David,” now when people ask me what was your name before? I tell them it was Jones").

I have tried to find some overarching explanation but to me it seems there are a number of threads which account for this anti-Palinism which borders on total irrationality to the point of psychosis.

 The main reason is historic as I set our previously. Briefly, the current generation of Jewish opinion makers are only a few generations away from their grand or great grandparents experiences of eastern European persecution and of course the Nazi  calamity. Thus, although the commentators etc live the American dream, tales heard at their grandparents knee (as have the Armenians in respect of the Turks) either by them or their parents, have created biased mindset which is nearly impossible to cast off.

"Palin" is thus not Sarah Palin (the real one which when actually met as a person not a stereotype by a Jewish woman produced a startling positive, heartwarming reaction) the only Governor in America who had an Israeli flag in her office and wears an Israeli flag pin and whose commitment to Israel is so strong that she stands up for that benighted nation when the Obama administration is increasingly seen as negative to Israel. “Palin" is the anti-Jew of the Christian persecuting past.

Another cause of this relentless attack is again learned at grandparents knee. The traditional Jewish attachment to the Democrats as the heirs of the Roosevelt tradition. The Jews in the big cities suffered badly during the depression and, with the Blacks, formed, with their strong socialist roots, an integral part of the Roosevelt coalition especially as they were involved at a seminal level in policy formulation. Palin is, more realistically, with her hard frontier roots of self reliance and the Alaskan suspicion of a government far removed from everyday life, the antithesis of this Jewish economic history.

However much some may wish to deny it, and many actually seem to delight in it as regards Palin, there is a strong feeling of intellectual superiority. The cerebral Jewish, rabbinical, academic tradition versus the school of life tradition which is so much a part of Palins appeal to middle America.

With the passing of time these entrenched positions by the anti-Palin media elite (including of course non-Jews) is actually getting more entrenched, more vocal and sadly more vicious, irrational, ("Palin is borderline on sedition" for heavens sake) condescending, and in some cases disgusting. 

There have been a small level of support from Jew's ( the "Jew's For Palin" blog during the election for example) and recently in reaction to the perceived anti-Israeli attitude of the Obama administration a new support group "Jewish Americans For Sarah Palin" which recognises Palin is the strongest voice in America for Israel, but they are massively outnumbered. It is an illness for which there is sadly no cure, the best hope is that they descend, into such ridiculous nonsense that no one takes them seriously any more.

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