Monday, October 3, 2011

How's That Doomy Gloomy Stuff Workin' For Ya? 2012 "The Worst Year In Human History"

It is no wonder President Obama is casting himself as the underdog for 2012 and preparing his campaign slogan as "At least I didn't make things any  worse".

However that  may be a tad optimistic on both scores. Charles Krauthammer predicts Obama will lose in a landslide, and this gentleman, Mr Toby Connor of the 'Gold Scents" financial site beats even the regular economic doom sayers at The Market Oracle site for sheer, Dante's pit of hell, doom and glooming, to whit;

As many of you know I expect next year to be one of the worst years in human history, at least economically speaking. Certainly on par with 1932 if not worse. This should drive one of the worst stock bear markets in history. Before this secular bear market expires we need to cleanse all of the excesses that were generated during the final bubble years leading up to the top in 2000. 

You can read all of Mr.Connor's horror story, with its frightening charts and graphs at his SITE HERE.

These doom and gloom scenarios from today's Market Oracle are, individually, not as hair raising as Mr. Connor's, but taken as a group they support and amplify his case.

One almost wishes President Obama wins the next election and has to carry the can for the ensuing debacle. In that scenario it would mark the end of the liberals and pave the way for a true conservative administration uinburdened by blame for the econ0my and with a total free hand. 

Allowing the restoration of economic balance, realism, small government, and low taxation thus letting the business cycle healing  commence without intervention on the Keynsian scale.

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