Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Those in attendance were spellbound by Palin's speech". Television Report From Mississippi

Palin wows packed Bancorpsouth Arena.
Palin wows packed Bancorpsouth Arena.
TUPELO, Miss. (WTVA) -- She's a household name across the country and ran as a vice-presidential candidate in 2008.

None other than Sarah Palin made a stop in Tupelo Saturday afternoon at the BancorpSouth Arena.

A group known as the Extraordinary Women Association hosted the event where Palin spoke before a packed house.

Many said Palin gave the crowd what they were looking for.

"Thank you so much, Mississippi!" a jubilant Sarah Palin said as she took the stage.

Palin brought her unique brand of charisma to a filled-to-capacity Bancorpsouth Arena.

She kicked things off with a reference to Elvis.

"It's a good thing that in honor of Elvis, I got to wear my daughter Bristol's blue suede shoes, and I got to wear them for you all," Palin said. "[Bristol] got 'em when she was in L.A. on Dancing with the Stars."

Bristol didn't make the trip; however, her husband Todd did.

This was the culmination of a two-day conference in which over 7,000 people -- mostly women -- listened to Palin speak on matters both spritual and political.

"Everyone has challenges. Nobody's road is easy. Everyone in your relationships, in your workplace, in your churches, in your neighborhoods, maybe within your own family, a health battle, maybe a battle trying to keep your home. Maybe somebody in your family [is] trying to keep a job," Palin said. "Everybody is going through battles; mine just happen to get exaggerated or just downright made up, and their splashed across a tabloid or [television show]."

On the political side of things she, like an evangelist, asked the Extraoridnary Women's group to do what she called extraordinary things to save the country.

"I do not believe that we shall fulfill our destiny as a nation that puts its trust in God if we just sit back and watch some fundamental transformation of our country. Turning it into something that is good and just and right and free in America [should be the focus]," Palin said.

Those in attendance were spellbound by Palin's speech.

"I like her outgoing personality and her aggresive spirit," Corinth resident Sherry Jobe said. "And the fact that she does not back down about her being a Christian, her belief."

Philadelphia resident Laura Renfrow was asked if she'd vote for Palin if the former Alaska governor ran for president.

"Yes, I would," Renfrow said. "I hope she'll run. I do."

Palin also received a key to the city from Tupelo City Council President Fred Pitts.

These days she participates in political event programming for FOX News Channel.
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