Thursday, October 20, 2011

Update;Gingrich In 2nd Place In Right Scoop Poll.Gingrich Fever Burning Up the I-net.Prof.Jacobson Puts Tentative Foot in Water.

UPDATE; The Right Scoop online poll of conservatives (717 votes cast so far so a good result) has Newt in solid second place behind Cain with daylight between him and third place.

It's almost palpable the Newtmania.

Once Sarah Palin decided she was not going to be a candidate the Palinites, the conservatives who were not on the flavor of the week Bachmann, Perry, Cain bandwagons, and the "anyone but Romney"-ites (about 70% of the GOP) looked for a decent candidate.

Was there someone who did not suffer from foot in mouth 
disease? Was there a great debater, a deeply intelligent person with huge experience, and a massive grasp of the issues ? It took a few debate watching episodes for the answer to come through, debate by debate, and it was followed by Gingrich's inexorable rise in the polls.

The intelligencia amongst  the Blogging Set are slowly but surely joining the parade. The latest to put a cautious toe in the water is the highly respected Prof. William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection who has a warm piece up on Gingrich and advises "I am  beginning to be drawn into Newt's gravitational pull"

Josh Painter at Texans for Palin, a solid Palin, site has had Gingrich items up, and of course my blog has led the charge for some months now.

The important thing is that Gingrich has been very supportive of Palin and Palin of Gingrich. I set out the strong advantages of a Palin/Gingrich coalition, if not ticket, and the polling reports etc. AT THIS LINK

Once Cain burns himself, out there is really only one non-Romney, and that is Gingrich, who Palin said "would clobber Obama in a debate." 

Yes he would.

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