Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"America, right now, you don't deserve a Palin presidency. May be you will in the future.Apparently, you have a LOT more suffering to do first."

Update;The insane "Gryphen" From the "Immoral Minority" Blog. whose sexual predilictions were exposed (sic) elsewhere, calls me insane for posting this-which is of course a compliment. His hordes of batshit crazy "Trig truthers' are descending here-sadly there is no internet insect repellent.


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I feel sorry for America

Sarah Palin has decided not to seek a GOP nomination for the 2012 election.  

This news makes me sad, but I don't blame her.  There is a huge pile of stinky corruption in Washington to clean up.  The next potus has  LOT of work to do.  Perhaps Sarah could be tapped as the next Secretary of Energy. 

I feel really sorry for America and that feeling hasn't waned since the loser-in-chief, the false usurper was placed illegally into the people's White House.  

Conservatism needs to grow and spread to even begin to help clean America.  Some say 'return to god' but really all that is needed is a 'return to morality'.  The left has no morals, no sense, no plan except their goal of absolute power.

I feel sorry for the America who still believes the lying leftist media.

I feel sorry for American college kids who are brainwashed by leftist academia.

I feel sorry for American school kids learning leftist tripe in grade schools, TV or movies.

I feel sorry for hard working middle class Americans, the small business owners who provide 70% of jobs in America and are being taxed higher and higher.  

I feel sorry for Americans who still think the women on "The View" are worth watching.  

America, right now, you don't deserve a Palin presidency.  May be you will in the future.  Apparently, you have a LOT more suffering to do first. 

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